4 Ways How EMM 6.0 Benefits Marketers

Written by Sita Kalluri on August 12, 2015

Our mission at Netcore is to make our email marketing tool super easy for you so you can send awesome emails without much time and efforts. Towards this endeavor, we have upgraded our tool and added new features to previous EMM 5.0 version that are smart and easy to use and also help drive your business goals.

So what's new in EMM 6.0?

The new version of EMM is packed with 4 powerful features that not just make it faster but also make it easier to build your email list and improve your email reputation.

1. Subscribe Form:

The new enhanced Subscribe Form feature allows marketers to easily import new subscribers from website and directly add to the existing email database on the EMM panel. This helps brands to build the email list and start engaging with the prospect right from the beginning.


Subscribe Form

2. Get-Reply:

Planning high performing Reply-based campaigns is now easy with our Get-Reply tool. It makes email marketing more human and helps marketers to encourage 2-way communications with customers, increase interactions and thereby conversions.

How the tool benefits marketers:

  • Increases the probability of landing in Inbox
  • Helps you understand your customer better
  • Opens window of opportunities to interact with customers contests, feedback, reviews or testimonials
  • Improves your Sender Domain Reputation in various ISPs



3. Help Center:

Video and written tutorials are now available in our Help Center that cover a wide range of topics such as complete video tutorial of EMM, how to create Drag & Drop templates, how to update DNS settings of your domain and many more.


Help Center

4. Advance Code Editor:

The idea of having Advance Code Editor was born out of a problem. We realised that the biggest obstacle every marketer faces today is having to rely on a coding expert to get the emails designed right. With this new feature in place, getting emails the way you want now becomes simpler.


Advance Code Editor

We want to know what you think of these new features of EMM 6.0. Please leave your feedback and suggestions at product@netcore.co.in



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