5 Quick Ideas for Valentine's Day Email Campaigns [with free email templates]

Written by Sita Kalluri on February 08, 2016

Last year, it is estimated that close to 65 million Indian consumers purchased online during Valentine's (Source: Assocham). The spending this year is only set to grow, with the increased internet penetration and usage of smart phones. Valentine's has been attracting attention from both customers and brands alike. It gives the perfect opportunity for email marketers to try some unconventional marketing and grow sales. The good news is, no matter what the industry, you can capitalize on this holiday to connect with your audience.

In this blog, we share with you 5 quick ideas to make most of this occasion:

1. Plan drip emails: Why restrict to one email when it's a weeklong celebration? Plan a series of emails with a theme. For an eCommerce brand, it could be 7 sensational deals each featuring different product categories. Or an insurance company can run a campaign 7 ways to say I love you and sell its family and child insurance plans. The idea is to tailor your product offering around the Valentine theme and make yourself relevant.

2. Make it interactive and fun: It's all about how differently you can engage and captivate your audience. Interactive fun games such as the email love test encourage enthusiastic participation, improve email metrics (clicks) and drive users to website. Done correctly, such campaigns have the power to reactivate your passive subscribers and win back their love.

3. Go beyond email: Given the growing number of customer touch points, use this occasion to make your email subscribers interact with your brand on other channels that you are active on. You could create a funny valentineâs video and drive your subscribers to the youtube or run a facebook contest and plan an email campaign to promote it.

4. Countdown Timer: Spice things up with a limited Valentine's Day offer. Include a countdown timer in mail and use urgency and scarcity as a tactic to improve conversions.

5. Behavioral targeting: If you really want to get more conversions out of this V-day campaign, go the extra mile and understand your subscribers better. Check their click behavior to find out who's interested in what category or map them according to gender and age and target them with products they are more likely to buy.

If you don't have an email campaign planned for the 14th, worry not. There's still time to cash in on the big day sales. We have added a collection of customizable, mobile ready valentine emails to the EMM Template Gallery. Simply pick one of these free time-saving Valentine's email templates and plan your promotion.

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