A glimpse at Netcore's first international email marketing workshop

Written by Sita Kalluri on October 30, 2015

Last week we held an Email Marketing Boot Camp at Indonesia. After the huge success of the regularly conducted email marketing workshops on home ground, we took the next step of taking these workshops international. Netcore received a warm welcome at Indonesia and the event was well attended drawing marketers from across all verticals including e-commerce and Banking.

It was an exciting day of learning email marketing where marketers could experience the magic and power of email marketing like never before. The event kick started with Rendi Peterson our Partner and Head Digital, Frontier Consulting sharing insights on where Indonesia is headed in email marketing and how marketers can leverage on this channel to grow business.

The networking break after Peter's session gave attendees an opportunity to meet other fellow innovative marketers and learn from the leading industry specialists.

The highlight of the Boot Camp was the email marketing workshop held by Avadhoot Revankar, Head Email Marketing on How to double ROI from email marketing. Avadhoot addressed some of the challenges of email marketing:

  • How do you get the most value from email marketing?
  • How do you not just sell but build significant relationship with customers?
  • Is no strategy a strategy in getting emails inboxed?

The four main topics that Avadhoot elaborated on were:

  1. Avoiding the Spam folder and getting emails into the inbox - the first crucial step towards your email marketing success
  2. How not to fade away in the crowd and make the right first impression with subject line strategy
  3. How to engage your subscriber to get the clicks and conversions
  4. Opportunities in email to experiment and test so you consistently get better results from your email program

The session ended with an activity that gave attendees a hands-on experience to put the day's learnings to practice  in a fun way. The attendees were grouped into teams and each team was given an email marketing task and had to finish it in the time allotted. The activity drew great participation from the audience.

Overall, it was a remarkable day for email marketers with educational breakouts, hands-on lessons and tons of networking.



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