Announcing EMMâs integration with our automation tool Smartech

Written by Sita Kalluri on September 25, 2015

At Netcore we've always believed that technology should empower marketers to deliver personalised connect with customers. Today, we are happy to share that we are one step closer towards this endeavour. We have integrated our email marketing platform EMM with our newly released marketing automation tool Smartech. Our EMM customers can get the power of marketing automation right from their existing EMM platform.

Not a hassle to integrate

It takes less than two minutes for you to sync your existing email campaign for automation. That means, you can now do more with email, you get to define the workflow based on your customer interaction (of email clicks and opens) and plan communication on multiple channels (email, SMS and voice).

Here we are not just talking about saving time but creating value to your customers along the way. Now isn't that just great?

Here's a step by step guide to start automation in your email campaign:

1. When creating your email campaign, select the option 'Sync this campaign for automation in Smartech'


2. Once you add all the campaign details, click on the 'Save for Automation' button


3. Select âCreate Automationâ to confirm you want to start the automation


4. You will now be redirected to the Smartech platform where you can plan the workflow
(Note that your EMM master list gets saved on Smartech as EMM list)


5. Once on the Smartech platform, you can
- Define start and end date & time for the automation
- Set triggers based on email activity (open and click)


- Set your workflow and define what action to be triggered  whether to send an email/ sms/ voice message


6. Once your logic is set, simply click on the Save and Run button


7. This takes you back to your EMM panel. Click on Publish to execute the campaign


Starting automation from EMM is easy and you also get to analyse how your automation performed in real time.

Please note that we are introducing this integration server-wise and you will be soon notified via email once done. You can reach out at for any queries.


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