Automated SMS campaigns for Relevant and Personalised Targeting

SMS has established itself as a powerful, non-invasive channel to communicate with your customers. SMS has a reaction time of just 90 seconds, which can be attributed to the fact that almost all your customers are constantly checking their phones.

Marketers have made SMS a part of their multi-channel marketing strategies. They are using personalization in the SMS content, like the customer's name or a personalized coupon code to get their customer’s attention.

But can we use this channel better? Sending batch and blast SMSes may get your customer's attention, but, is that converting into customer response? Is Delivery rate an effective tool of measurement? An SMS campaign’s success should depend more on customer response and conversions, instead of delivery rate.

Here's how a marketer could effectively achieve both with SMS Automation for relevant targeting:

1. Target customers on the basis of their profile:

As a marketer you have access to your customer’s profile information like, their age, location or preferences. How about sending them messages which are highly relevant to them?

Imagine if you can start creating basic segments, based on their Location and Gender and send them a message using both.

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Now let’s look at a deeper segmentation:
A leading securities trading company had a repository of leads which had been dropped, due to various reasons – Not Interested due to high brokerage charges, not aware about the features, not interested in changing their trading company. They used the customer’s profile and created various buckets and used a Missed call number in the SMS to capture intent.

SMS to Customers Not Interested due to High Brokerage charges:


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SMS to Customers Not Interested in Changing Trading Company:


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2. Target customers on the basis of their activity:

Most of the SMSes these days have links taking users to the brand’s website, so can we start utilizing this data? You could use a link in your SMS to track if your customers have reacted to your SMS.

An E-commerce website switched from sending bulk promotional SMSes to sending relevant SMS based on customer activity.

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The customers who did not click on the link at all, were sent an SMS reminding them about the limited time the offer was available for.

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The customers who clicked the link were treated differently. Those who clicked and transacted were sent another SMS to cross-promote another offer. While those who clicked the link but made no transaction, were sent another SMS giving them an additional discount.

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In summary, relevant automated SMSes, is slated to become highly important and needs greater focus from modern marketers. Building relevant touch points on SMS, as a channel, and sending relevant content can help you increase your ROI and attain maximum customer reach. In our next blog, we shall discuss how you can increase your ROI using SMS and reduce costs by 30-40%.


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