Click Map Geolocation Tracking now available in EMM

Written by Sita Kalluri on February 22, 2016

Data is the strategic weapon for marketers to maximize their return from marketing spends. Businesses that leverage on customer data are able to better understand their customers and deliver better experiences to them; thereby improving their bottom line.

Netcore is pleased to introduce the new and advanced EMM Reports that will give marketers insights on customers email behavior and helps identify valuable opportunities in email marketing.

What's new in EMM Reports

Detail Campaign Report: Say goodbye to multiple tabs for campaign reports with this consolidated one page report that gives you a quick glance at your email performance. It provides an overview of all the metrics that matter  right from basic email open and click rates to device and location tracking reports. By having a holistic view of campaign performance, marketers can get actionable insights such as the best times to send emails, what kind of social media impact did the campaign have, etc. This helps optimize your marketing efforts and plan result oriented campaigns


Detail Campaign Report

Click Map: This report gives you a visual intelligence of link (call-to-action) performance of your email campaign, helping you know how exactly your customers are acting on the email. A powerful tool, it tells you what links draw maximum attention from your customers (top performing links/ call-to-action buttons in email) so you can better plan the placement of your Call-to-action buttons for your future campaigns and maximize conversions.


Click Map

How to read the Click Map:

- Click Map shows the graphical representation of total clicks on the email
- Navigate using the side scroll and view the click percentage for the entire email creative
- Each call-to-action (link) shows an individual value as a percentage of total clicks
- Clicks counted are total and not unique clicks. That means a user clicking on same call-to-action button twice would get counted as twice and add up to the percentage
- Counts total clicks and not total users clicking to give better view of click behavior. For example, when a single user clicks on two call-to-action buttons, the Click Map would consider both the clicks in the click count

Geolocation Reporting: Knowing your customers is the first step towards driving relevancy and this feature does just that. It exactly pinpoints from which location your customer has opened your email. This intelligence can help you target your customers precisely and send geo-targeted campaigns. This report is especially beneficial for clients whose customers are in multiple locations across the globe.


Geolocation Reporting

The real time intelligence from these reports can make a big difference to your email marketing efforts. These advance reports are now available on your EMM Panel. In case of any queries, please reach out to us at


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