Conclusion to the argument a Traditional Media vs. Mobile or Traditional With mobile?

Written by Netcore Solutions on October 27, 2015

Discussions have been never ending and the debate goes on. Marketers and strategists have been comparing the performance of mobile marketing to that of the traditional media.

The scenario now, is transforming though. Businesses have started blending mobile to their traditional marketing strategies. And the performance is no doubt playing an effective role in capturing the interest of consumers.

In a recent webinar conducted by Gamechanger (the mobile marketing arm of netCORE), Mr. Amit Ahuja a AVP mobile marketing solutions, dived into how mobile integration influences the traditional media performance.

The attendees took back the following from the webinar titled

Integrate mobile to amplify the traditional media performance

  • How are brands integrating mobile in their traditional media to create consumer engagement?
  • How are companies using mobile to capture consumer information?
  • Impact of technology and relevance for business
  • How do brands create mass customization using mobile technology?

The opportunities represented in mobile marketing tools (USSD, missed calls, IVR, SMS, CRBT) are significant and offer real-time opportunities for the marketers. Radio and television are tremendous reach mediums, but a two way communication with customers is always a missing factor. Integration of mobile enables this and a better chance to respond to the audience. Mobile affects traditional media performance in distinct ways.


While reading a newspaper, watching a TVC or tuning into radio while travelling, just adding a call to action in the consumer's traditional media receptivity leads to the three essentials of any marketing campaign a  1. Consumer engagement, 2. Capturing consumer preferences/journey and 3. Building consumer stickiness.

We in the mobile space can leverage traditional media's unmatched reach to build valuable, consent based relationships with the mobile users that marketers increasingly covet.

Listen to our webinar to explore more about developing a high value relationship between you and your consumers through mobile integration into traditional media.


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