How Customize feature in EMM helps you to optimize your unsubscribe page

Your unsubscribe page is but another customer touch point.

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Unsubscribe page may probably be the last time youâll see your email contact and how you design this landing page is of utmost importance. A well thought of unsubscribe page has the power of keeping your customers from opting out or in the least create a favourable impression. But marketers miss out on giving equal attention to this aspect of email marketing.

We at netCORE always strived to improve and enhance our product EMM so it helps you to focus on each of your customer touch points. Our latest towards this endeavour is the Customize option in Unsubscribe feature.

What it does?

Customize Unsubscribe allows you to replace our default unsubscribe page with your own customised page by adding the html.



How it helps..

A simple enhancement, this feature will not just optimize your unsubscribe process but will help you do better email marketing. Hereâs how you can customize and optimize your unsubscribe page:

Personalize â Giving a friendly tone and make it more human by addressing subscribers with their name

Give them options â Not all who hit the âunsubscribeâ want to opt out completely. Provide alternatives and address the primary reason for their request to opt-out (relevancy and frequency)

Find out why â A quick short survey to understand why customers want to opt-out will help you in your future email marketing efforts

Add a little humor â Reinforce your brand by coming up with an innovate unsubscribe page â add a dash of humour or emotion to win back the love of these subscribers

Show value â Use this opportunity to tell your subscribers what they will miss and chances are you might win them back!

Unsubscribe page, the often neglected part of email marketing is very important both to improve your deliverability and customer relationships. The new Customize feature in EMM makes it all easy for brands to optimize this page.


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