A Detailed Comparison: Netcore Smartech Cross Channel Funnel versus Others

Yes, you would have heard of Funnels and the wonders they can do to your marketing efficacy! Netcore Smartech with its ever advancing features, presents one of the best Funnels in the industry

Do not believe us? Read on to know for yourself!

Funnels have become such an important tool of a Marketer's kitty, no wonder there are so many organisations providing this service. While most offer some basic features, there are some key benefits that Netcore Smartech’s funnel provides. Let us look at the comparison objectively.

Netcore Smartech Funnel Other Funnels in the Industry
Does the Marketer get to know the details of the users who exit the Funnel?

At each step of the funnel, there is a certain percentage of users who drop out. Wouldn’t it be great if you get to know, not just the percentage/number of users who drop out, but also who they are? In fact, unless you know their identity, you cannot plan an effective retargeting marketing plan. Equipped with this valuable data, you can ensure you target your dropping-out users in a personalised manner so that they reach the end of the funnel.
Partially Yes!

Most funnels do not provide this information. You just get the percentage of the spillage, not the user details.
Are the Funnels across channels?

One of the biggest advantages of Netcore Smartech Funnels is that they are cross channel. They help you analyse the customer journey is true sense spanning over emails, SMS, web activities, app activities, etc.

Most of the Funnels concentrate on a linear channel rather than cross channel, hence they are not much effective.
Can the Funnel be viewed in the future?

Once you create the funnel, you can go back and view your performance, as long as you were tracking data.

Most of the funnels which are there in the market, give an option to generate and download the funnel, but they do not allow you to save them. This is essential when you plan to see the same funnel in future real time.
Is the Funnel flexible?

It doesn't matter if the users leave the funnel and come back later. They don't have to follow a strict path, that is, the specified order of the funnel steps. The funnel is flexible and the order is immaterial.

Most funnels follow a strict path. If the users do not perform the steps of the funnel in the defined order, they aren’t considered to be a part of it.
Does the Funnel come with a complete Campaign Management tool?

Netcore Smartech is a 360 degree marketing solution. There is no extra effort or hassle to import or export user data from other platforms. All the tracking data available in the same platform.
Mostly No!

Stand-alone funnels require data integration from other platforms. Seamless analytics is difficult to achieve.
Is Segmentation possible, based on funnel insights?

In Netcore Smartech, you can create contact segments based on the insights you gain through the funnels, and take further actions. The contacts who drop out can be made as a user segment.

You can only know the percentage of drop out. You do not get the details of the contacts.

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Ritu Poddar

Ritu is a Technical Writer & Content Developer by profession, and a Poet & Creative Writer by passion. She works as Assistant Manager, Content Development at Netcore.


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