Drive Value Out Of Your Loyalty Program Through Mobile Marketing

Written by Netcore Solutions on December 03, 2015

Today, in the world of digital disruption, where consumers are more empowered and are moving towards digital and mobile-first payments, the nature and scope of loyalty programs have shifted completely. A mobile mind-shift has occurred which is already being realized by brands. This is the moment when using loyalty through mobile becomes incomparably valuable.

For most of the brands, 80% of their profits typically come from 20% of their customers and the business success is often measured by the success of the trade partners. It makes loyalty a critical focus for businesses. But creating an effective loyalty program is usually a challenge.

On 26th November 2015, Netcore's Gamechanger conducted a webinar titled: Leveraging mobile marketing to build and mobilize your loyalty program.

Webinar presenter Jhankar Sukhwani, Group Manager, Strategy and Innovation, discussed proven ways to help marketers create effective loyalty programs on mobile. It focused on Gamechanger's extensive experience in consumer & trade loyalty using technology across various industries, viz. fmcg, retail, media, pharmaceuticals and others.

Insights from this webinar:
1. Understanding Customer Stickiness.
2. Creating experience and connect through loyalty programs.
3. Impact of technology loyalty marketing.
4. How are brands using mobile to mobilise their loyalty programs

If you've missed out on our insightful webinar click here


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