Email Marketing is for Cost Cutting â Is it??

By netCORE Marketing Team - July 18, 2011

Has Email Marketing become a medium used by people just to cut down on their marketing cost??

If that is the case then, I really pity such people who are opting for Email marketing to reduce cost; we can term such people to be unfortunate but lucky.

The reason for me to pen this down was because I overheard a sales pitch to the client which was as follows:

Sales Guy: Hello Sir, good morning sir, how are you?
Client: I am great, what about you?
Sales Guy: I am good sir. Sir so talking about your marketing activities, as mentioned over the call you said you are facing budget issues. This is exactly where Email marketing will help you Sir. It is âcheapâ(this was the word used) and help you majorly save your costs.
Client: Is it??  But my message should be communicated to the audience.
Sales Guy: Sure sir, that obviously would be done and that too at a minimal cost, as low as 5% of the costs you would incur from other mediums.
Client: Sure, then letâs go ahead with it I will get the PO ready.
Sales Guy: I will get all the things ready at my end sir. It was great meeting you.
Client: Same here. Good day.

The sales guy put it across to the client as âCheapâ and the client got convinced immediately, no doubt I agree to the fact that Email marketing as a medium is cost effective but it isnât the only value add which it provides to an organization.

Facts Uncovered about Email Marketing:

  • Sending a personalized message which helps your Brand build a direct relation with the customer.
  • One of the biggest plus point is that the ROI can be tracked and your can also carry out analysis on your customer behavior.
  • Helps to connect with Social Media, which is helpful since it being a current trend in the market.

Thus, it Is important for us to look at Email marketing as a medium to more effectively communicate and touch base with our end user, rather than just looking at it as a tool which would help in cost cutting for an organization.

So friends, next time you come across such a sales pitch, make it a point to correct it immediatelyâ¦â¦


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