Email Marketing - How did it all start and how did it evolve? (Infographic)

Written by Sita Kalluri on June 30, 2015

Email changed the world of marketing.

For most of us marketers, itâs hard to imagine life without email. As we rejoice and celebrate email marketing, letâs give some thought to the fundamental question -

How did it all begin?

How many of us actually know the story of how it got its start and how it shaped over the years?

Started way back in 1978, email marketing has been a long standing tough warrior surviving the ordeals of rigorous rules and regulations set by ISPs and the explosion of multitude of digital channels that questioned emailâs very existence. Today, email marketing still continues to give impressive return on investment and is the most preferred channel of communication for consumers and marketers alike.

So how has email marketing evolved to be what it is today? Take a look at this informative infographic on the history of email marketing.

Email Evolution Infographic



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