Email Marketing Trends To Watch Out For in 2014

By Netcore Solutions - July 05, 2014

Finally, we officially release the trends in email marketing for the year 2014. The first ones to hear about it at the start of the year were the ones who attended our workshop â A to Z of Email Marketing & Upcoming Trends 2014, which we conducted in 5 cities across India â Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai.

For some crisp video clips and images of the workshop, you can visit our event section.

5 Trends in Email Marketing for 2014

1. Mobile Email
25% of Mobile opens today are from mobile devices and so it becomes imperative for every brand to ensure that their emails are mobile compatible. The best way to make your emails Mobile compatible is to use âResponsive HTMLâ for your campaigns.

Till the time your designers gets trained for going responsive, a quick fix would be to make sure the width of your email HTML is within 450-550 pixel,  which happens to ensure compatibility in majority of the smart phones.

2. Marry email & website data
Today most of the brands tend to keep their website & email data poles apart, in-fact they are kept like a different kettle of fish. This nonaligned approach can result in a disconnect between your brand and the customer because when the customer engages with your brand through different mediums, the brand is unable to leverage the insights they gain as they have created separate divisions for email and website.

Brands need to start integrating email and website data to analyze behavioral patterns of a subscriber and do a predictive analysis based on which the next communication can be more relevant and personalized.

3. Recommendation Engine
Itâs high time that brands set in predefined business rules based on the interactions the subscriber does with the brand, be it over email or website.

Couple of examples:

  • Activity - Customers who have transacted worth Rs.5000 â Rs.10000 in the last 6months.
    Predefined Trigger - Send them an email talking about a Loyalty program.
  • Activity - Subscriber clicks on a product in the email but doesnât end up transacting on the website.
    Predefined trigger â Email after 1 day as a follow up with the same product highlighted in the email displaying

We have helped multiple brands define such triggers and the results have been incredible.

4.  Right Time
For your emails to get read, itâs important for them to be at the top of the userâs Inbox. With the changing dynamics - increased usage of different devices for checking emails multiple tabs within the inbox by MSPs (Gmail tabs); the time when an email is sent has a far-reaching impact on whether or not it will be read.

Brands should analyze the time of user opens and ensure they send campaigns at the time when majority of the users are opening their emails.

5. Multi-Channel Communication
Brands need to sync their different digital channels of communication to take user experience to the next level.

Brands should look at integrating mediums â Email, Mobile, Voice and Social media.

For instance,

  • Users clicks on the email and he receives a call on his mobile number
  • User opens an email but doesnât click, he receives a follow up SMS reminding about the offer and how many have already bought it.

This is where we see Email heading this year and brands who adopt to these techniques will emerge out as leaders in the industry.


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