Enhancing Customer Experience with Transactional Email

Written by Sabir Shaikh on October 17, 2016

More and more enterprises across the world are shifting focus towards transactional emails from marketing emails as the effective way to engage customers. In fact, these automated and triggered emails have become a powerful tool to positively impact customer experience, especially in sectors where customer engagement is business-critical.

Unlike marketing emails, a transactional email does not contain any promotional message or content. Further, the email is personalized for every interaction with each customer, as itâs triggered by an action or inaction of individual customers. Considering the high open and click-through rate of these emails, organisations can use the huge opportunity presented by these mails to have more meaningful interactions with their customers.

Delivering Information Right on Time

Sending personalized emails with transaction details instantaneously is a sure-fire way of keeping the customer enthused. Sending instant mails with OTP, password updates, invoices etc ensures top of mind recall with the customer and reinforces the organisationâs customer-first philosophy.

Engaging Through Relevant Information

Organisations can use these triggered emails subtly to encourage customers to complete or initiate transactions. Reminder emails with pending cart items, mails on unpaid bills or travel deals would prompt the customer to recheck and transact. Timely reminders create a better perception about the organisationâs customer service.

Establishing an Emotional Bond

In the quest for more loyal clientele, Businesses strive to find ways to form more personalized relationships with their customers. Transactional emails can be used as a tool to communicate with customers on special occasions like birthday, marriage anniversary, or anniversary with a brand etc. This personal attention will help strengthen the emotional bond between the business and its customers, converting customers into brand advocates.

Personalising Recommendations

Organisations can use transactional emails to cross-sell and up-sell. A customerâs past transaction history can be leveraged to make recommendations on other products and services offered by the business. However, this should be done subtly so transactional mails do not end up as promotional emails. A fine balance needs to be maintained to ensure the recommendations are highlighted but not overtly marketed.

The potential of transactional emails is yet to be fully exploited by many organisations across the world. A robust product that delivers the right emails at the right time can help you do wonders for your business. One such transactional emailing product that can be used to send personalized emails to deliver a more consistent brand experience across all interactions is Falconide from Netcore. Click here to know more about Falconide to enhance your customer experience through personalized transactional emails.


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