Experts Speak: Data-Driven Personalisation, The Key To Exceptional Customer Experiences

Written by Netcore Solutions on April 23, 2016

The concept of personalisation  dynamically tailoring content and experiences to the wants and needs of your customers, has been considered an imperative for years. But how do you deliver such customer experiences?

One of the renowned Industry Speakers, Mr. Jaimit Doshi (CSMO, Coverfox Insurance) joined Netcore's CIO, Mr. Veer Bothra for an interactive Marketing Automation Webinar this week. Both being the Digital Industry Maestros, shared their best views on Data-driven Personalisation.

The most important ingredient for delightful personalisation is "DATA". But smartly collecting this data, housing it and using it accordingly, is the real key to personalised customer experiences, said Jaimit, relating to some of his daily-life instances. Through the session, he also simplified the concept of personalisation by explaining the transition of traditional one-to-one marketing that catered a meagre database, to todayâs digital marketing which caters to a huge customer data. Agreeing to the same, Veer further threw light on how a Unified View of Customer enables marketers to deliver more compelling and engaging content across multiple channels.

With to collect and control information on the entire experience of a customer, the math house now can focus on each customer as an individual. In a manner of speaking, we are evolving back to the artisan model, where a market segment comprises one individualâ, quotes Ram Charan.

For a business to grow exponentially, it becomes essential for the Marketing and Sales to align, where the Marketing teams provide context based content and conversely the sales team pitches it in a manner that not only convinces businesses but helps them design their marketing strategy that leads to maximum customer stickiness.

Tell your customer what he wants, much before he even realizes it. Listen to insightful content, start delivering personalised communication.

Key takeaways of the webinar:

• Importance of collecting customer insights across multiple channels
• How to deliver dynamic content, based on customer attributes and activities
• Tailoring cross-channel experiences that optimise customer engagement
• Create highly targeted campaigns with personalised messages


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