How Can You Improve Customer Experience During Demonetisation?

How Can You Improve Customer Experience During Demonetisation?

Siddhesh Rane

By Siddhesh Rane - December 08, 2016

“Wow”, “Awesome”, “Kya Baat Hai..!” When do you think you get to hear these words from your customers? Let us think about it!

Sometime back, I had come across this very beautiful analogy by Kevin Hale, which he had put very nicely for his startup!

“So if you’re on a first date and you find out that your date starts picking their nose in the beginning of dinner, there will be no second date. But if you’ve been married to someone for years and they start digging for gold, you don’t immediately divorce them right away. There is something different once the relationship is already established.”

This is exactly what you need to apply for that first and best experience with your customer. The ever growing love for your product or service starts from the first wow experience that you give to your customer.

Scenario 1:

Indian Government has taken you by surprise by its surgical strike on Black money, Although you feel the money crunch, you are doing your best to support the Government. Now out of all this, imagine your Mother or Wife asking you to go for Grocery Shopping. You decide to go to a local market rather than an ubercool Super Market where the mark-up price is at least 10-15% higher than your regular budget and what do you find there? Your favourite Vegetable vendor who now accepts money through PayTM wallet as well, what will be the instant feeling?


To top it off and show how cool it was, you might also click a selfie with him.

So what exactly did you observe in the above example, there were two types of Wow Customer Experiences:

i) You as a regular purchaser of vegetables were surprised to see your favourite vegetable vendor going that extra step to make you feel that cash crunch was not really that big a problem.
ii) You as a PayTM Customer, were happy to see them covering local vendors as well, who mainly depend on cash for their daily survival.

As a consumer you will now advocate both of them, merely because of the experience you had.

Scenario 2:

What if Banks starts giving Tea or Water to their customers, who are standing in long queues just to collect their hard earned money. It will add a lot of value and trust among the customers. The above picture displays a Sikh man (not from the bank) doing a kind favour for everyone standing in the queue. Such small gestures can add tremendous value to the brand.

Now imagine the next time you pitch them for a Life Insurance Policy or an SIP, will they trust you?

Understanding the Customer Journey along with the natural and Political Scenarios is a must! It is very important to understand not only the multi-channel touch points (Email, SMS, Push Notifications, Web Notifications, Voice, Social Media, Physical Banners, TV Ads, Radio, PoS Manager behaviour) but also the minutest touch-points where the end user, rather customer, really gets emotionally affected like Bill Payments at the Branch, Returning or exchanging a product bought online, Feedback Calls, small and special things you give them when they become your returning buyer.

So what are the ingredients of a Great Customer Experience, especially during this Demonetisation mode?
• Transparency
• Trust
• Kaizen (Japanese word – meaning continuous improvement)
• Pro-activeness
• Great after-sales services
• Attentiveness
• Seamless and Dedicated service

All of these, if inculcated with your 360 degree marketing campaigns, will help you maximize satisfaction with your customers. Gartner says, by 2017, 50% of consumer product investments will be redirected to customer experience innovations. So think again, Modi might have just given us an ultimate opportunity to woo our potential customers, because in distress even a small goodwill gesture is enough for a life time!


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