How to create a countdown timer in your emails and skyrocket conversions

Written by Sita Kalluri on November 17, 2015

Showing hours, days, minutes and seconds ticking off in email has always been a revenue lifter. Whether it's building excitement for an upcoming sale or creating urgency for limited time offers, countdown timer in email has been a successful tactic in grabbing subscribers attention and urging them to take action in the inbox.

As convincing as the countdown timer is, adding one into the email is technically challenging for email marketers. For, it is not as easy as it is for a website (you have numerous free tools available on the internet to add timer to your website).

Our latest enhancement to EMM addresses this challenge of marketers. With EMM's Countdown Timer, you can add personalized timer to your emails in a quick and simple manner without worrying about the tedious task of writing your own JavaScript.

How to create Countdown Timer in emails

You will find this feature in the Manage section of the EMM panel.


Follow these 3 simple steps to create a countdown timer in your emails and skyrocket conversions.

Step 1: Design the look of the Countdown timer

Create your very own customized countdown timer that matches your email design by defining the dimensions, background colour and font colour.


Step 2: Set the Timer

Feed in the date and time when the timer must start and end.


Step 3: Add Timer to your email

Copy and embed the source code that is generated into the HTML content at desired place of your email.


Your email with countdown timer is now ready to be sent!

Works on mobile

EMM's Countdown Timer displays perfectly in your mobile friendly version of email. So have fun designing emails enhanced with countdown timers that look great across all devices!

Simple feature, unlimited use cases

Our tool can be very useful in many situations -
- Urgency to sale promotion
- Highlight scarcity of product availability
- Countdown to the next big sale
- Promote limited (time-bound) offers
- Early bird pricing

Given the potential of countdown timer and the ease of adding it in your emails, I recommend you give it a try. Experiment and think of innovative ways to add timer to your emails and make them fun and engaging.


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