How to Retain & Win Back Unsubscribes to your list? (Part I)

Written by Siddhesh Rane on September 29, 2016

Un-subscription! It happens to the best of us, although we might be one of the finest marketers or maybe it’s because of a shift in the strategy we made or the reader simply found the content irrelevant to his needs.

So what do we do?

First let us talk about how we put some preventive measures so that there might be a better chance for the reader to stay with us.

1. First thing first. You need to have an unsubscribe page.

By an Unsubscribe page I don’t mean a page with a message that displays "Thank you for clicking on unsubscribe, you have unsubscribed successfully." That is so much of an automated positive message you are putting through to your user, instead you should try to pull off a great grand finale or your best performance to convince him to stay back and glued to your further engagement emails.

[Name], Please make me believe that this is just a joke and you are Not Serious! Do you remember the webinar we attended together OR that special discount which I specially got for you? It is not an easy task to forget all that. If you wish instead of breaking up completely, we can take a small break, you can take your time as given below:
1. Pause your emails for 1 week
2. Pause your email for 1 month
3. Pause your email for 2 months
4. Change your preferences.
OR Simply Break up! :(

The above example can be used in a better way, especially if you can use data driven personalisation, like in this case we know that he had attended a webinar with us or had purchased an item using the discounts given.

2. If it’s the last time. Make sure you show her how cool you are! ;)


Although the above is a fictional example, you can come up with a Brand video, which shows how much cool your Brand is. It can be a video you must have used on your social profiles which went viral or a customer talking all the good things you have made them achieve. Please Note: Emotions play a very important role in marketing, so make sure you set the right tone. In the first example, we showed how we are desperate to retain the customer but here it’s about trying to be cooler. Remember those college days when guys / girls who were cool attracted a lot of fan following? The only difference - coolness was different for different people. For geeks, top rankers & innovators; for others - the Sportsmen was their hero.

Likewise, try understanding your customers. If you are an Ecommerce company, your Awards for being the market leader in selling one-of-a-kind products would be the coolest thing, or how you actually helped resolve a village problem with one of the products you sell could be one of the coolest thing OR you can simply tell your on the verge of being departed audience about the upcoming product or roadmap your plan for them.

3. It’s time for the Boss to roll up his sleeves!


The idea above might work for BFSI Clients mainly, as the users here are mostly seniors and majorly above the age of 30. This might be something that has never been used before, but you can definitely give it a try. Once the user clicks on Unsubscribe link, you can route him to an Un-subscribe HTML page with a video wherein your CEO makes a speech about taking a feedback from the customer. If there is anything he can do to retain the customer, shoot it here in this video as it’s your last chance.

Now that you have tried your best and given your user the best show, he has still gone ahead and clicked on UNSUBSCRIBE. What do you do? Stay tuned to our next blog to know more about it...

Siddhesh Rane

"Let's make the Cookie Rumble !" Siddhesh Rane is a Growth Hacker with Netcore.

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