Introducing In-App Messages – Apple of Marketer’s Eyes!

Written by Ritu Poddar on April 20, 2017

How would you feel when you visit a friend’s home, and he does all he can to make you comfortable around the place, takes care of all your needs even before you ask, and ensures you never feel lost?

Good, right?

Your website and app is where you host your users – first time visitors, logged-in users, and loyal customers, alike. Recent reports by Smart Insights say that 85 percent of consumers’ online mobile time is spent within an app. Delivering engaging content while they are already engaged within your app, is the best thing you can do to strengthen the connection with your users and boost your business.

Netcore Smartech presents the latest channel in the mobile marketing channels ensemble- In-App Messages!

This new addition completes the onsite engagement and mobile marketing channels suite. Now you have the power to achieve great marketing results through mixing and matching App Push Notifications, App Activity Tracking, and In-App Messaging.

What are In-App Messages?

In-app messages are clickable messages displayed in the app when users (Anonymous as well as Identified) are active in your mobile app, the same way as Web Messages are shown to the visitors when they are active on your website.

In-App messages can be in the plain text form, images, videos, and other rich media forms. Usually, they have a call-to-action button that is deep linked within the app, and appear as a pop up during activities on the app.

What is so special about In-App Messages?

Being one of the least intrusive and most effective mobile messaging channels, in-app messages receive a read rate as high as 44% in high performing apps, and up to 26% on medium-performing apps. In-App messages are a great way for Marketers to engage all your users because:

• Make hay while the sun shines! In-App messages are displayed to those users who are already interested and engaged in your app. Showing them interesting content can lead them to checking products, adding items to cart, or visit a particular screen or feature – thereby enhancing engagement.

• Mobile is the most personal device, and hence the most effective platform to communicate. Users have a great control over their mobile experience. Being active on your App, they constantly give your brand the privilege of placement on their phone. This is a great chance to nurture the customer connect further!

• In-app messages are quite easy to implement. Smartech offers very user-friendly UI to help you design impactful content.

• In-app messages can be highly targeted and personalised. Smartech offers amazing capabilities to ensure highly contextual and relevant messages are displayed to the right person at the right time.

• In-app messages can be a two-way dialogue between you and your anonymous and identified users. You can provide assistance to them right at the time when they need it.

• In-App messages can be even more powerful when served in combination with App Push Notification, App Activity Tracking on App and Web Messaging, Browser Push Notification, Web Activity Tracking on Web and other modes of new age communication like Email, SMS and Voice.

Where do In-App Messages Fit in?

The small little in-app message is like a genie for your app! Here are a few of the many situations where you can use in-app messages:
Welcome the new users: Make the on-boarding for your new users easier through helpful in-app messages that assist them in getting started. A well-thought app strategy can considerably reduce the drop-off trend.
Introduce new features in the app: In this case, in-app messages can be the app’s tour guide for your users. While making them familiar with the new feature, you can enhance their excitement about your app. You could also remind the users about existing features that aren’t used as much thereby enhancing app engagement.
Share app updates: App updates are best shared via in-app messages, to make it convenient for the user to be interactive immediately. They also allow for more creativity than most push notifications, as brands can use slides, images, full-screen notifications, and movement.
Send promotional messages: Reports say that offers and deals sent through in-app messages yield 32% conversion rates. Based on the app behaviour of users, tailor made messages can be triggered further invoking actions from the users. Very effective for cross-selling and up-selling right from your app itself.
Ask for feedback:  In-app messages are a great way to ask feedback when the user makes a transaction, updates the app version, or uses a beta feature.
In-app purchases: Targeted in-app messages about purchase opportunities are the perfect ways to target customers while they are highly engaged. Studies say that custom offers presented via in-app messages are 10 times more effective than emails alone in driving behaviour. Again, a catalyst in cross sell and upsell.
Opt-in request: While your users are in the app, the context is set right, and hence it is the best time to ask them to opt in to receive app push notifications, or subscribe to newsletters via email or even voice calls. This helps in opening multiple channels of communication that can be very impactful to use via Smartech’s Cross-channel Marketing Automation.
Customer service over transactional messaging: Providing users with service updates on their account or recent purchases is another great, highly-relevant way to use in-app messages.

In short, in-app messages can be a wonderful tool to nurture customer satisfaction by aiding you in gathering feedback, solve customer problems, and stay on the pulse of customer sentiment while they are using your app across all the stages. This becomes yet another way of collecting user’s behavioural data. Integrating the same with other channels can produce a very powerful Unified View of Customer in Netcore Smartech. Icing on the cake is the unique blend of different call-to-action options that Smartech in-app messaging offers. It comprises channels of online engagement like deep linking as well as offline channels like call patching.

In-App Messages are hence rightly called the App-le of the Marketer’s eye as it completes the App Engagement suite along with already powerful Web Engagement Suite, Email, SMS, Voice, Custom Audience and a string of value adding features for Marketers across industry verticals.

Netcore Smartech’s only endeavour is to provide you the best technology so that you can provide the best experience to your customers.

Yet to start with In-App Messages? Contact us right away!

Ritu Poddar

Ritu is a Technical Writer & Content Developer by profession, and a Poet & Creative Writer by passion. She works as Assistant Manager, Content Development at Netcore.

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