Is adoption of Marketing Automation in India different from the US?

Written by Forum Sheth on June 13, 2017

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Have you seen the recently launched B2C Marketing Automation Report India 2017 produced by Research NXT in association with Netcore?

Here’s presenting Kamini Rupani, Chief Marketing Officer at Netcore Solutions giving us an overview of MAS adoption pattern in the US markets versus that in the Indian markets.

During her conversation with Santosh Abraham, Lead Analyst at Research NXT, Kamini says that, “India is now at the stage where US was 3 years ago. This is soon going to be the year of “early majority” for MAS in India”.

She explains the need of different features of Marketing Automation required for B2C brands as against B2B brands. Kamini also answers a very frequent question asked by most B2C marketers in India – do we need a customized marketing automation solution tailored to suit our specific requirements, or can global MAS software fill the gap?

When asked about the report, Kamini affirms that, “This report should act like a perfect guide for B2C companies who want to get started with Marketing Automation in their organisation.”

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