Moving towards marketing automation sees Email ROI increase by 53%

It's 37 years since the first email marketing message was sent and this oldest digital medium only seems to be growing stronger by the day; if the research findings from the recently released report from DMA is anything to go by.

Average ROI for email campaigns went up by 53% to £38 for every £1 spent last year. Email delivery rates, conversion rates, open and click-through rates all have increased, while unsubscribe rates remain unchanged.

So how are digital marketers sharpening their (email marketing) weapon to make it stronger and more effective?

According to the report, it's the newer technologies like marketing automation which matches behavior to email triggers that have contributed significantly to the improved metrics.

Nearly 8 out of 10 top-performing companies use marketing automation to increase revenue and get high quality leads (Gleanster,A Marketing Automation Benchmark). Simply put, automation is what makes good marketing great.

How automation helps marketers

Giving customers the best possible seamless experience has often been plagued by fragmented and inconsistent interactions. With rising channel proliferation, marketers are struggling to build Omni-channel customer engagement. Automation gives power to marketers to deliver deeply engaging, highly personalized messages to different customer personas using various channels.

For marketers it's not just choosing the right channels for marketing but the right tools to integrate these channels. With the launch of Smartech, Netcore aims to help modern marketers target the right customer with the right message at the right time through the right channel.

Here are some of the things Smartech allows you to do more effectively:

- streamline digital communications

- increase engagement

- automate cross channel workflows

- delivery data driven personalisation

- improve operational efficiency

Clearly greater investments in the area of automation are critical if marketers want to scale their campaigns to meet the higher-than-ever expectation of consumers and stay on the growth trajectory.


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