Stand a better chance of success through Voice Integration in your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Written by Netcore Solutions on September 15, 2015

A Kan Khajura Tesan - 'Missed call lagao, muft manoranjan pao. I'm sure you are aware of this campaign by Hindustan Unilever Ltd. (HUL)

Do you know how this first-of-its-kind mobile campaign had the potential to successfully reach the remotest areas of India?

Netcore's Mobile Marketing Solutions-Business Head Mr. Niranjan Kanade answered this question as he started with a case study of HUL-Wheel in the webinar VOICE-The key to successful mobile campaignsâ conducted on 10th September 2015.

HUL mobile campaign targeted the most underdeveloped parts of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand that gained a tremendous response using the most effective mobile marketing medium-VOICE.

Media Dark market is the term marketers use to describe these areas where brands face a heap of challenges and barriers like illiteracy, no internet access, lingual differences, unavailability of newspapers and television etc. Voice has emerged as an effective medium that brands can use to overcome these barriers.

A series of Voice Integration solutions that help brands optimize customer engagement through voice platforms like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Outbound Dialers (OBD), Missed calls et al were also presented by Niranjan. Adding to this is a profiled segmentation that help marketers communicate with a differentiated target audience based on Geographic, Demographic and Psychographic segmentation. Customized voice content can be delivered to each segment. From internal communication to reaching out audience, voice as a medium is suitable throughout industries. Integrating voice for various internal and customer based interactions can be beneficial for BFSI sector. OBDs and IVR along with other mobile platforms like SMS and USSD works as an effective solution for the government sector for edutainment and awareness purpose. eCommerce is yet another expanding industry which can integrate voice and other mobile platforms to acquire, engage and retain customers.

Mentioned below are the key takeaways from webinar:

  • Innovative solutions through various Voice platforms
  • Communicating with customers across lifestyle
  • Maximizing campaign effectiveness
  • Benefits of Voice medium in Mobile Marketing

Start engaging your customers like never before. Integrate voice to your mobile campaigns and create a long lasting brand recall among your target audience.

If you've missed knowing the how and why of VOICE as an effective Mobile Marketing Medium, explore here and strategize the best mobile marketing campaigns.



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