What's in the box for Email Marketers for better Gmail Inbox Delivery? Gmail's Postmaster Tools

Written by Netcore Solutions on June 30, 2016

The complete scope of Gmail's smart filtering methodologies, that affect the inbox deliverability, might never be known. But even without knowing it, you, as an email marketer, can implement myriad of best practices for optimised Gmail Inbox deliverability. One of the key practices you SHOULD implement right at the moment, is Sign up for Gmail's Postmaster Tools.

Some of you must be already taking the advantage, but for those who haven't yet, here's why?

Postmaster Tools by Gmail? A visibility of the health of your email programs.

If you are facing challenges in routing your emails to the right place (Gmail inbox), then this tool will help you identify the root causes of deliverability difficulties and cure your spamming hiccups. It helps you analyse the performance of your mail campaigns with Gmail, through deeper deliverability insights like spam rate, domain & IP reputation, delivery errors and more.

How will this help me? Dashboards to analyze critical reports.

This tools provide essential reports which were never accessible earlier. Certainly, this is a benefit for you to better your inbox delivery. Let's take a dive into the most essential dashboards of the 7 dashboards, each of which provides an important set of data to analyze and help you act on inbox delivery issues.

  • Spam Rate Dashboard: Shows the volume of user-reported spam vs. email, which was delivered to the inbox. Only emails authenticated by DKIM are eligible for calculation. This gives you an idea of complaints, and can also tell you how much of your mails are making it to the inbox.
  • Domain & IP Reputation Dashboard: Helps you discover, whether the Gmail spam filter might mark emails from a particular Domain or IP, as spam or not, based on Google's reputation ranking of your domain as High, Medium, Low and Bad. It's essential to keep your foot away from being in the low & bad ranking lists, to avoid being tagged as "Spammers".
  • Delivery Errors Dashboard: A must analyse dashboard in particular, it shows rejected/temporarily-failed traffic vs. all authenticated traffic, with information in the delivery errors. The information lets you examine the core issue, which must have affected your inbox delivery, thus helping you interpret delivery errors.
  • Authentication Dashboard: To access all the reports, it's essential to pass the authentication. So, this dashboard shows the traffic that passed SPF, DKIM & DMARC, over all received traffic that attempted authentication.


If you want your customers to read the message you wish to convey, certain data and email performance metrics are the key to inbox deliverability. Why wait to get hit, take the action instantly and better your email performance with Gmail. Dig more into all the dashboards here.

Stay tuned for the next blog on best practices to master Gmail inbox delivery.


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