Winners at ACEF 2017 – HDFC Life and MobiKwik’s Customer Engagement Campaigns Powered by Netcore

Written by Forum Sheth on May 02, 2017

“63% of consumers are unresponsive to out-of-context messages”, states a recent report on Managing Authenticated Experiences across the customer life-cycle.

But with the right data, marketing technology, and personalisation, you can notice increase in sales, click-through rates, conversions and moreover, lasting customer relationships.

Today, many Indian brands are still exploring with data, manual efforts, multi-channel campaigns, and tools, but some leading brands like HDFC Life and MobiKwik, have already come of age in delivering consistent personalised experiences to their customers by leveraging the correct customer information and executing data-driven customer engagement campaigns across several channels.

These impactful campaigns for HDFC Life and MobiKwik, powered by Netcore Smartech (India’s only Full-stack Omni-channel Marketing Automation Solution), were recently recognised at the prestigious Asia Pacific Customer Engagement Forum Awards 2017 for the Best use of Technology and for Creativity in customer engagement campaigns.

Read along as I walk you through these award-winning success stories:

HDFC Life’s Direct Marketing Campaign saw an Increase of 20% CLV

Gold Winner for the Best use of Technology

India’s leading insurance player, HDFC Life used analytical propensity model and response model for customer segmentation to decide the next best product for the customers and also to figure out the customer’s most preferred channel of communication. But deploying and managing these customer engagement campaigns through different platforms was quite challenging and complex for the team at HDFC Life. As the reporting and execution platforms were different, the entire lead sharing process also had to be done manually.

Our Marketing Technology experts addressed the challenges by designing a robust Marketing and Lifecycle Program through Netcore Smartech. The team at HDFC Life could now share insights from their predictive tool, define rules-based actions, and execute automated campaigns across multiple channels via Netcore Smartech. Gradually, HDFC Life enjoyed:

  1. 1. 30% increase in leads and open rates
  2. 2. 20% boost in Customer Lifetime Value, and
  3. 3. Upto 15% reduction in man hours every week

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Mobikiwik’s Humorous Campaign Boosted Customer Engagement by 266%

Recognised with Gold for the Most Creative Campaign
Also, an award-winning campaign at IAMAI’s India Digital Awards 2017

India’s leading e-wallet brand, MobiKwik sought to stand out in the highly competitive e-wallet domain and captivate customers while combating low email click-through rates. The brand also aimed at retaining customers that were long-term subscribers as well as one-time transactors of the brand’s services.

Netcore’s Marketing Technology Experts designed a quirky email marketing strategy using humour and referral incentives to drive customer engagement.

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Today’s digital campaigns enable marketers to build lasting relationships between brands and customers, across channels and devices. As the customer journey becomes more complex, it’s increasingly vital to identify consumers as individuals and talk to them wherever they are, whenever they are ready to interact – Marketing is no more about B2B or B2C, it’s all about B2H – Business to Human!

As one of the Leading and First Full-Stack Omni-Channel Marketing Automation Solution Providers in India, we have always believed in bringing impactful innovation, creativity, and strategic solutions that aid our client brands to deliver humanized, 1:1 customer experiences. Winning awards for customer engagement solutions we design for our clients, is a testament to our efforts and is extremely prideful.

If you’re looking for such result-driven customer engagement campaigns, get in touch with our Marketing Technology Expert today!

Forum Sheth

Forum is a Content Writer at Netcore. She traverses her writing journey with a sole motto "Learn to Write, Write to Learn".

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